Astrology and Vastu

Astrology is a language, understand this and the sky will speak to you

What is the importance of Vastu.

Through Vastu we try and benefit from the cosmic energies which infuse life or “prana” into the structure and these energies are:

  1. Energies of the eight directions, which helps us decide which thing should be occupying which place,

  2. Sacred Energy emitted through the specific geometrical formation, like the pyramidical, cylindrical, lean-to roof, etc.

  3. The cycle of nature,

  4. Adaptations of colors,

  5. Energy through metals,

  6. Energy through plants,

  7. Avoiding inherent faults, like the water bodies, borewells, roads hitting a specific direction, specific location of terraces, defects, stores, warehouses, etc.,

  8. Level difference (Energies of the level)

  9. Doors and Windows Energies,

  10. Energies through Yantra,

  11. Energies of Yoga.

Generally, people run through the above points for doing the Vastu of any place. But in my this blog, I will emphasis to unwind the “Hidden Energies” of Astro-Vastu or Vastu through horoscope.

What is Astro Vastu Shastra

The Astro Vastu Shastra is a tool to know that Horoscope itself shows the necessary Vastu corrections instead of visiting premises. And let me clarify that most of the people practitioners advising on Vastu & Vastu Shastra barely know this. Most of Astrologers or professionals in Vastu or Vastu Shastra do not know the significance of Horoscope in Astro Vastu Shastra. For them, Vastu corrections mean visiting the premises & then suggesting corrections as per Vastu Shastra principles.

A master can change the fate of an individual through many karmic applications. I will try to represent these karmic applications hereunder in descending order of importance.

  1. Karma Correction after horoscope readings.
  2. Astro- Vastu corrections, implemented at the site after reading the horoscope.
  3. Generic Vastu- corrections, implement at the site.

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