Well, it may sound wired but you can get a clue via astrology whether you can bag government job or not. Yes, you can. Your date of birth is the key to decide whether you will get a government job or you will stay happy with a private one. The date of birth can reveal so much that you have not even imagined.

Let just not waste any time anymore and focus on the matter of how job astrology by date of birth can narrate the chances of getting a government job for a native.

What Your Date of Birth Says About Job?

It is not that Vedic astrology is the only way to foretell your luck, career, family, health, job, education and wealth; numerology is an active concept to narrate your future with error-free prediction. Today, in this blog we are going to discuss Govt. job prediction by date of birth. Your date of birth is a key to unlock so many hidden things of your life and luck that can surprise you without any shadow of a doubt. If you have born on 1/10/19/28 or 3/12/21/30 or 8/17/26 in a month then you have the chance to get government job.

Yes, you have to be devoted and you need to put constant effort to gain a job. Excluding, if you have born among one of these mentioned dates in a month then chances are higher to secure a government job comparing to other natives. 

Go a Little Elaborate

Three major planets who decide whether you will get a government job or you will live on a private job. These three planets are – Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn.

  • Sun Controlling:Natives who have born on 1st/10th/19th/28th in a month, governs by Sun. If your sun is placed in a strong place in the birth chart, chances are high to get a government job.
  • Jupiter Controlling: Natives who have born on 3rd/12th/21st/30th in a month are controlled by Jupiter. He or she has a chance to secure a government job as Jupiter indicated authoritative figure and stability one’s life. When you indicate job stability, government job is second to nothing.
  • Saturn Controlling: Natives who born on 8th/17th/26th in a month, Saturn favors them. Saturn indicates responsibility with wisdom. It indicates to get government job in a railway or public work front.

Though, it would be a mistake if you think that you can get a job without any effort but just because of your date of birth.

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