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What is Horary Astrology?

Horary Astrology or prashna jyotish is based on the Question you ask and the horary number you choose in between 1 to 249. In horary astrology birth details don’t required. So the person how don’t have birth details they can know the answers of their questions with the help of horary astrology.

Horary Astrology

You can ask a single horary Question on a single matter of life such as:


Love and Relationship

Job or Professional Career





Travel Abroad

Important Steps You Have To Follow For Horary Or Prashna Astrology

Write Down Your Question

Step 1 : Form Well Defined and Clear Question

In order to get the best possible answer, you need to first form the question clearly. Click Here to see the sample questions that you can ask the astrologer.

Step 2: Think About Your God

Write down the question on a paper or notebook while thinking about the problem and also, think about your God and tell your God to help you with the future insight about your question through the astrologer.

Pray to God
Write down your number

Step 3: Write Down Horary Number

Now, after writing down your question & pray to God. Think of any number between 1 to 249 and let the number flesh in your mind, write down. Don’t think of any lucky number or numerological number. Just let the number rise up in your mind.

Get Answer to Your Question

For a single question, horary Astrology analysis is

₹ 1000/-

How To Apply For This Service?

Follow the below steps to apply for the above-mentioned services.

Step1 : Make the Payment

Click the "Order Now" button above to make the payment for the services.

Step2 : Submit the Necessary Details Online

Once you make the payment, you will be automatically redirected to a form page where you are supposed to enter all your details. This details will help us in analyzing your horoscope. In the message section, you can also define your question.

Step3 : Get the Detailed Analysis within 7 to 10 Working Days

Once you make the payment and submit the necessary details, you will get your report within 7 to 10 business days. 

Important Terms and Conditions:

  • Only telephone consultation is provided for 30-45 minutes.
  • Your birth chart is provided by us.
  • No written report provided.
  • Telephonic discussion is advice to be recorded. We don’t record the conversation.

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