Getting overly sensitive or emotional, over-possessive or nagging – is common to women. We portray a man as chubby, foolhardy, undemanding, and reassuring by nature. Though, astrology little differs in a few cases. When it is all about understanding a Cancer man, you need to change the perspective to judge a man.

Why Avoid Dating Cancer Man?

When you are just on the threshold to enter into a relationship and your boyfriend is a Cancerian, you need to think twice. According to astrology, Cancer man behavior when in love is very much different from the rest of the zodiac signs. Cancer men are not too easy to handle or understand. Things you need to keep in mind while you are about to date a Cancer man,

Over-Possessive: Cancer men are too much possessive. They treat their girlfriends or spouses as their property and the over possessiveness ruin relationship.

Bossy: When he is a Cancerian, he tends to be bossy most of the time. It may seem right and secure relationship at the beginning but ends at a bitter note.

Over-sensitive & Nagging: These two words denote a female character well. Though, Cancerian boyfriends are exceptional. They are attention seekers. If you are not able to focus on him most of the time, then things go wrong.

Fussy: Cancerian boyfriends not only overly possessive but also fussy. They tend to stop you for every single thing that they don’t consider right for you.

To Conclude………………..

It is not that Cancer men stay abandoned from love. Don’t doubt the cancer man compatibility. They stay happy with a Taurus/Pieces/Cancer woman.

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